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If you want to become a good musician, it is necessary for you to do more than just practice scales and chords. By the same token, if you want to become an ACMP or ACMX, you need to do more than just practice building controllers and configuring access points.

The ArubaRack lab is the first Aruba lab environment that you can rent to prepare for the Aruba ACMP or ACMX exams. The online lab mimics the Aruba classroom lab equipment, providing a familiar lab environment with state-of-the-art equipment. The ArubaRack lab will allow you to perform all of the labs and tasks that are performed in any of the Aruba controller classes.

The ArubaRack lab is configured with all of the necessary infrastructure so that you can immediately begin preparing for your exam (DHCP server, RADIUS server, Certificate server, L3 trunked infrastructure).

Share your session with a friend, co-worker, or study partner.

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Understanding ArubaOS

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