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Why Prepare With ArubaRack?

The ACMX exam is an incredibly difficult, 8 hour hands-on exam. The majority of people who take the exam do not pass it the first time. The ACMX 6.X Study Guide states that “the exam draws upon material found in various Aruba course material and Validated Reference Designs (VRDs)”. The VRDs are readily available for download from the Aruba Networks website. Many ACMX candidates are just not prepared for all of the design and configuration tasks that they must perform during the 8 hour exam.

Even if you have equipment to practice with in preparation for the exam, you will likely spend too much time preparing your lab infrastructure instead of learning from it.

Our ArubaRack lab is configured and ready to go. The L3 switch has VLANs trunked and tagged, the RADIUS server is ready for authenticating 802.1X clients and returning attributes to provide server assigned roles, the DHCP server is configured to distribute IP addresses on multiple VLANS to infrastructure devices along with end user devices, and the AirWave server is up and running, waiting for you to login.

The staff at ArubaRack has spent the necessary time and money to provide you with the perfect lab environment so you can devote your time to practice and learn the Aruba products, not wasting your time building the lab infrastructure.

We have even performed every lab in the IAW, SWDI, and MBC courses, and saved the configurations on the controllers. We highly recommend that you go through configuring the controllers and performing the labs yourself, however the saved configurations will allow you to go to any point in the lab book and focus on a technology that you may be weak on and need more practice in. Again, our focus is on giving you more time to learn and prepare for the exam.